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Sittin’ on a hill’a dirt
I ben sittin’ on a hill’a dirt
Thinkin of her sofa
Her fine long legs
& her pretty skirt


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Ruby you’re gone, but still I smile
Long gone, Ruby, but sometimes I smile
Why’s that? Well you know,
Maybe you’ll come back
Maybe, in a little while


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Little spider on my wall
Little spider on my wall
Hey little “spy”
Howd you climb so high and never fall?


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My table got frost, yeh
My table got frost
Ruby, you left me
And I feel so lost


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Walkin down this road alone
I’m walkin down this road alone
Lost a love -the
Best I ever know’d


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Twice burnt
& twice sold
Ruby, girl
You’re on your own


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Stubby candle, long night
Stubby candle, long night
I sit here staring at the yellow light