01-11-20 —- 01-19-20 Cuba

Light HR


It would appear Havana is sinking

but how handsome the light.




Rooster HR

2.     At dawn a rooster wakes me up. Rooster, how’d you come here from the other side of the rainbow? He follows me to the ocean. >>yunnastanwhaddamean?<<



Drummer HR


3.     He’s 20 and the world is his oyster perfect teeth dimples Worse: he’s found love and he knows it –




Cigar and Tiles HR


Cigar and tiles

Cigar and tiles


Orphan child




Ruins HR

5.   City of streets of palaces fine crystal light boulevards of ancient trees all in ruin we imagine Athena approaches



Window crank HR

6.  You wanna open this window you gotta get the crank from the driver – did I?   : )



Books HR

7.    Many books were read before the fall of the house of Dr Ernesto.



Sea Wall HR

8.   An opening in the wall. She reaches in and withdraws a piece of coral for me. City as if destroyed by war, hurricanes at the ready. Viva Cuba.



Club HR

9.  Small packed club A-list players only the great listeners know their names let’s go