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! The road is long and hard, yeh The road is long and hard Follow the sound, darlin’ Follow you your heart


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It’s too warm for December
Too damn warm for December
Wait, where am I
Damnd’fi remember


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Rain in my cup
There’s rain in my cup
But ol’ cup’s got some coffee
And that’s enough


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Frost on the leaves
Baby there’s frost on the leaves
Honey you’re gone now
Got stones stuck in my teeth


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It’s Thanksgiving Day and I aint got a scrap
It’s Thanksgiving Day and I aint got a scrap
>>But that’s alright mama<<
I got a friend: Ginny Rat


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There’s mustard on the wall, honey
There’s mustard on the wall
Spot looks like the devil, darlin’
And I thought I heard him call ~


Free Ink Drawing #41
Hey pal, I know you at my back

Hey ol’ pal, I think you’ve come to shoot me down

Oh man


I know that lonesome sound


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Somethin’ strange goin’ on down there
Somethin’ strange goin’ on down there
Aint my business
But still –
I’m kinda scared